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AGT Laser Gauge Measures Any Alloy

Whole Gauge With Sticker

Article appears in Metal Center News Magazine, March 2016. March 2016 – Advanced Gauging Technologies, Plain City, Ohio, offers its patented AGT800 laser thickness gauge, designed to measure any alloy processed in coil, sheet or strip form.  The AGT800 is an optical-based measuring system that uses high-precision Keyence laser senors.  Each sensor emits a Class II laser beam and receives the beam …

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Rapid Results

MM 09 15 Header Image

Article by Emily Vasquez and appears in Modern Metals Magazine, September 2015. Service center realizes unexpected savings by upgrading gauging system September 2015 – Where there is a problem, there must be a solution. When Vince Gallo first arrived at Nova Steel in 2013, he noticed the Stoney Creek, Ontario, facility was using an older gauging device that needed to be …

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A.G.T. Leads The Way In Laser Thickness Measurement

Advanced Gauging Technologies was mentioned in the March 2015 issue of American Metal Market as a pioneer in the transition from isotope to laser based thickness gauging. Bill Beck’s article highlights the various ways that the metal industry, and its service centers, are using technology to enhance productivity in ways not thought possible even a decade ago. You can find …

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AGT800 Laser Gauge Featured In American Metal Market 2014 Spotlight Article

Metals Testing Transformed By 21st-Century Technology  While larger companies dominate a significant portion of the testing equipment market, some breakthrough technologies still come out of tiny mom-and-pop companies, reminiscent of the computer technology that came out of California garages a half-century ago.  For much of the past few decades, the thickness of coil, sheet or strip metal has been measured …

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Harnessing Light

Article by Gretchen Salois and appears in Modern Metals Magazine, September 2014 Above: A view of the AGT400’s C-frame from behind. Optical sensors offer alternative to nuclear-based methods for thickness gauging September 2014 – When talking radiation, red flags often pop up. News of reactor meltdowns and toxic leaks resulting in proverbial ghostlands like Chernobyl in Russia or seaside pollution in …

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AGT800 Laser Gauge Selected As A Top Five Finalist For American Metal Markets 2014 Awards For Steel Excellence

Our new AGT800 Laser Thickness Gauge was selected as a top five finalist in American Metal Market’s fifth annual Awards for Steel Excellence. The nomination was in the Best Innovation Product category. Even though we did not receive the award, which was presented in New York on June 17th to New Star Metals Material Science Corp, we were still very …

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Advanced Gauging Technologies, LLC, Plain City, OH, introduces the AGT800 laser thickness gauge—an online noncontact device equipped to measure any strip material 0.040 to 0.750 in. thick. The first production system, say company officials, went to a 96- by 0.750-in. Butech stretch leveler-CTL line that shipped in mid-September 2013. The thickness gauge and its accompanying SPC reporting system is designed …

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Testing and Measurement – Metal Center News March

Advanced Gauging Technologies LLC, Plain City, Ohio, offers a new noncontact laser thickness gauge that can measure any strip material ranging from 0.040 to 0.750 inch in thickness. There is no radioactive source and no federal or state licensing requirements. The AGT800 Laser Thickness Measurement and S.P.C. Reporting System is designed for measuring metals and any other materials that are …

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