Monthly Archive for: ‘August, 2015’

Legacy / Obsolete Gauge Upgrade Program

A.G.T. is offering a new, limited-time program for upgrading older legacy / obsolete thickness gauges, many of which were manufactured by companies that have been out of business for a decade or longer. We have always worked hard to keep these outdated gauges operational by providing specialized service and maintaining inventory on spare parts. However, locating many of these key …

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A.G.T. Offers Silicone Optical Grease

Did you know that A.G.T. can supply you with Silicone Optical Grease, a clear, colorless coupling compound that features excellent light transmission and low evaporation and bleed at 25° C. It is typically used when installing replacement Scintillation Crystals or Photomultiplier Tubes such as those found in certain brands/models of thickness gauge detector heads. Silicone optical grease removes the air …

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New TCP/IP HMI Communication Option

Advanced Gauging is pleased to announce a new TCP/IP HMI Communication option for our AGT400 and AGT800 thickness gauges. This new option enables both gauges to accept a single TCP/IP streaming socket connection on a user defined port for the purpose of requesting information from the gauge or commanding certain actions to the gauge. The gauge software will then respond …

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