Isotope Source Recovery Services

Need To Get Rid Of An Isotope Source?

Advanced Gauging Technologies, L.L.C. is licensed by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) and the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) to accept isotope sources for Recovery (accept ownership of sources no longer in use), and/or Disposal (coordinate physical disposal of sources with federal and state authorities).  This includes many common sealed sources used in industrial, medical, food processing and other industries as well as sources used in research and development. Once a source has been transferred for recovery or disposal, A.G.T. will assume ownership.

We can also accept sources for temporary storage from customers who do not want to transfer ownership.  This is an alternative for customers who may not be able to store their sources in a secure location and/or those who may want to store a source on a temporary basis (i.e. for future use).

Our program provides two options for handling this process depending upon a customer’s particular needs.

  1. For sources that have already been properly packed and labeled in D.O.T. approved containers

    Customer can ship source(s) to A.G.T. via a licensed carrier. Per federal regulations, the source(s) must have been leak tested within six months of the ship date.  A.G.T. can perform all leak testing services for you if necessary.  We will also provide sample templates of a typical carrier Bill of Lading and Notice of Transfer letter for the USNRC.

  2. For sources that need to be leak tested and packed in D.O.T. approved containers

    Advanced Gauging Technologies will remove the source(s) from your gauging unit. We will then perform shutter and leak tests, pack the source(s) in a Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) approved container and apply all necessary labels required before source(s) can be transferred.  Customers can then ship the source(s) to Advanced Gauging Technologies via an approved carrier that is licensed to transfer radioactive materials.  A.G.T. will provide sample templates of a typical carrier Bill of Lading and Notice of Transfer letter for the USNRC.

Advanced Gauging Technologies has recovered and/or disposed of hundreds of isotope sources throughout North America.  We have the experience and technical know-how to handle sealed isotope sources safely and effectively, including strict adherence to all state and federal regulations.

Acceptable Isotope Source List

Isotope Decay Mode Principle Energy Half Life
Americium-241 Am241 gamma 69.5 keV Low Energy 432.2 years
Americium-241/Beryllium Am241/Be neutron 3 – 10 MeV 432.2 years
Barium-133 Ba133 gamma 356 keV High Energy 10.5 years
Cadmium-109 Cd109 x-ray 21 – 26 keV Low Energy 1.3 years
Caliofrnium-252 Cf252 neutron ~2 MeV 2.6 years
Cesium-137 Cs137 gamma 662 keV High Energy 30.2 years
Cobalt-57 Co57 gamma 122 & 137 keV Low Energy 272 days
Cobalt-60 Co60 gamma 1.1 MeV High Energy 30.2 years
Curium-244 Cm244 x-ray 18 keV Low Energy 18.1 years
Gadolinium-153 Gd153 x-ray 41-49, 97 & 103 keV Low Energy 240 days
Iodine-125 I125 x-ray 386 & 667 keV 59 days
Iron-55 Fe55 x-ray 5.9 keV Low Energy 2.7 years
Krypton-85 Kr85 beta 687 keV 10.8 years
Nickel-63 Ni63 beta 66 keV 100 years
Plutonium-238 Pu238 alpha 87.7 years
Promethium-147 Pm147 beta 225 keV 2.6 years
Radium-226 Ra226 alpha 1,600 years
Ruthenium-106 Ru106 beta 39 keV & 3.5 MeV 1.0 year
Sodium-22 Na22 positron 2.6 years
Strontium-90 Sr90 beta 546 keV & 2.3 MeV 28.8 years
Thallium-204 Tl204 beta 3.8 years