AGT600 Laser Thickness Gauge

AGT600 Compact, Portable Laser Thickness Gauge

Measuring Made Easy

AGT600 Compact, Portable Laser Thickness Gauge
The AGT600 laser thickness gauge is designed to measure plastics, rubber, vinyl, linoleum and more. It provides fast and reliable thickness measurements — and statistical process control (SPC) reporting for strip and sheet material — using the latest in laser triangulation technology.

Simplified hardware and a compact design make the AGT600 an excellent fit for applications where space for a gauge is limited.

Direct benefits include:

  • Documented compliance with ISO9002, QS9000, and other quality specifications
  • Improved process control
  • Increased productivity
  • Scrap reduction
  • Verification of incoming supplier material
  • Detailed material reports to the end user.

The standard system also provides disk and/or network data storage and easy recall of all coil SPC information. This feature eliminates the need to maintain large files of printer paper for long-term record-keeping purposes.

Principle of Operation

Two non-contact, high-precision, semiconductor laser sensors are mounted above and below the strip to be measured, and their beams are focused on the same spot on the target material. Each sensor emits a Class II laser beam, receives the beam back on a RS-CMOS pixel array and determines the distance or range to the target material, calculating the material thickness. The system is calibrated based on this data, allowing it to provide continuous, high-speed, non-contact, accurate and reliable thickness measurements.


  1. Easy Installation

    The AGT600 is a plug-and-play system consisting of a compact C-frame and a PC tablet. The C-frame can be mounted easily on a mobile cart or permanently installed online.

  2. Portable

    Carrying Case for AGT 600 Laser Thickness Gauge
    The AGT600 comes with an unbreakable, watertight, airtight, chemical- and corrosion-proof hard case with a foam-set interior.

  3. Keyence Laser Sensors

    The Keyence laser sensors are the fastest in the world, and they produce the highest possible accuracy and repeatability. This translates to the most consistent and stable thickness measurements possible.

  4. Reliability

    Our simplified hardware configuration uses the latest in technology and increases the reliability of the AGT600.

  5. Calibration Verification

    Our system features a fast and accurate calibration verification procedure called ISOcal™.

  6. Certified Calibration

    The AGT600 calibration procedure uses N.I.S.T. certified and traceable aluminum samples.

  7. Automatic Reporting

    The system automatically generates several reports, providing all of the information you need in user-friendly formats.

  8. Networking

    The AGT600 is fully capable of connecting with a customer’s network, allowing for a wide variety of options such as Auto Data Entry, Auto Data Gathering, and remote printing and/or retrieval of material reports.

  9. Data Storage

    The system automatically stores coil data to a disk and/or a network. Users can easily and conveniently access information at any time, and reprint respective reports with relative ease.

  10. Upgradeability

    Our unique system design enables future software updates to be performed in the field in a matter of minutes.

S.P.C. Reports

  • Coil Report

    The coil report presents a graphic representation of strip thickness over the coil length — in strip chart fashion — and indicates location of out-of-tolerance material. In addition, this report presents a histogram of thickness distribution, footage, weight, average thickness, UCL, LCL, UTL, LTL, X Double Bar, R Bar, Cp, Cpk and CR. This entire report is automatically scaled to fit on a single page, allowing for much neater record-keeping.

  • Defect Summary Report

    The defect summary report presents a useable summary of each defect type along with its respective location in the coil.

  • Shift Summary Report

    The shift summary report presents a period summary of production, available at regularly scheduled times or on demand.

  • ISOcal™ Report

    The ISOcal™ report, which can be sent to a system printer, allows for regular system performance checks and provides the necessary documentation to help customers stay in compliance with quality requirements. This routine allows the gauge to check its own calibration over a range of samples.

  • System Display

    AGT600 system display Interactive display shows real-time graphical representations of measured thickness, deviation, and a histogram of thickness values for the material being measured. Also displayed are thickness, target and upper / lower tolerance limits along with additional detailed information.


System Display

During normal operation, an interactive display shows real-time, graphical representations of measured thickness and deviation; and it also shows a histogram of thickness values for the current coil. Users can view thickness, target, upper and lower tolerance limits, job number, coil number, shutter status, coil footage, coil width, defects if selected, product and much more. The system also provides additional display screens for next coil data, strip profile (thickness versus width), product setup, defect setup, report setup, calibration, diagnostics, message review and data recall.


  • Rugged Tablet Upgrade

    The Rugged Tablet upgrade includes a Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 with sixth-generation Intel Core i5vPro processor, 8GB DDR3L SDRAM, 256GB SSD hard disk, 10.1” WUXGA IPS display (1920 x 1200 resolution), 802.11ac wi-fi, Bluetooth v4.1 and Windows 10 operating system.

  • Data Acquisition Package

    The Data Acquisition package includes eight (8) analog inputs (+/- 10V), two (2) analog outputs (+/- 2.5V), eight (8) digital I/O, wireless connectivity to the AGT600 tablet, tachometer counter for external tach input, and 100-ft tachometer cable assembly.

  • TCP/IP HMI Communication

    TCP/IP HMI communication enables the gauge to accept one TCP/IP streaming socket connection on a user defined port. This is done for the purpose of requesting information from the gauge or commanding certain actions to the gauge.

  • Off line Data Analysis

    Off-line data analysis allows for easier access to coil reports by enabling the recall of reports from a single gauge or multiple gauges simultaneously through a company network or USB stick. The reports can be accessed without interrupting the gauge measurement or line operation and be formulated as PDF files.

  • N.I.S.T. Traceable Samples

    The N.I.S.T. traceable sample includes a set of six, 6061-T6-651 alloy aluminum — certified and traceable to N.I.S.T. standards.

  • Custom Calibration Sample Holder

    The custom calibration sample holder includes a black anodized finish.

Technical Specifications

AGT600 Compact Laser Thickness Gauge
Material Thickness 25 µm to 25.3 mm
(.001 to .999”)
Material Thickness 25 µm to 25.3 mm
(.001 to .999”)
Air Gap 76 mm
Measurement Range +/- 38 mm
(+/- 1.50”)
Sampling Cycle 50 µs to 1 ms (adjustable)
Calibration Accuracy < 10 µm (0.39 mil)
Energy Source Red semiconductor laser
Energy Level/Wavelength 650 nm laser
Activity/Output 0.95 mW maximum
IEC/IFDA (CDRH) Laser Class Class 2/Class II
Spot Diameter 120 x 4,200 µm
(4.7 x 165.4 mils)
Ambient Light Resistance 5,000 lux maximum
(incandescent or fluorescent)
Temperature Range 0 to 50° C
(32 to 122° F)
Relative Humidity Range 35 to 85%
(no condensation)
Recommended Working Life 6.8 to 8.0 years
(60,000 to 70,000 hours)