Thickness Gauge Service and Radiation Leak Testing

Advanced Gauging Technologies (AGT) is the premier isotope thickness gauging company in the steel service center market. Our field service engineers have over 65 years combined experience in the thickness gauging industry and service nearly 400 isotope thickness gauges semi-annually in North America alone. AGT has vast experience in servicing a multitude of non-contact isotope thickness gauges including the Gamma Instruments GR100, Gamma Instruments GR200, Gamma Instruments GR2000, DMC 410, DMC 450, Loral 3500, Weston 5310, Measurex 350, and our very own AGT400 Thickness Measurement and S.P.C. Reporting System.

Semi-Annual Thickness Gauge Service

Our team of highly trained field service engineers inspects and services many hundreds of gauges twice each year on a rotating basis by region. Groups of AGT customers located close to each other are scheduled in one and two week increments allowing each customer to share in the travel expenses for that region. Because of this, AGT is able to offer our world class maintenance services at an affordable rate.

During each semi-annual visit AGT performs a variety of checks to insure that each gauge is working properly. Wiring and electrical components as well as mechanical functions are all checked for issues and repaired or replaced as needed. Calibrations are then performed using N.I.S.T. traceable samples ensuring that each gauge is operating safely, smoothly, and correctly.

Radiation Leak Testing

Most governments require that a safety check known as a sealed source integrity test, commonly referred to as a “leak test”, be done on all sealed radioactive sources at specified time frames. Currently, in the United States, this interval is every six months or as often as the manufacturer requires it. In Canada and Mexico the interval is annually.

Advanced Gauging Technologies performs these radiation leak tests during semi-annual visits or as requested by the customer. AGT also performs leak tests on medical equipment such as blood irradiators used in hospitals and blood banks. AGT uses an independent laboratory to verify leak test results and the Leak Test Certificates are issued to each customer once these results are validated.

Phone and Emergency Service

In the event that a thickness gauge experiences problems in between semi-annual visits, AGT will make every effort to help diagnose and fix the problem over the phone. This support is offered free of charge to semi-annual service customers and 95% of the time the problem can be diagnosed without having a field service engineer make a special trip to the customer site. This service saves customers thousands of dollars each year.

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Startups and Training

AGT provides a startup and training service with each new purchase of an AGT400 Thickness Measurement and S.P.C. Reporting System. In addition to setting up the gauge, making sure that everything is working properly, calibrating the gauge, and ensuring that the customer is satisfied, AGT also provides training for the new gauge. This includes radiation safety training, operator training, and maintenance training. Our goal is to make sure that new gauge owners are comfortable, informed, and happy so that they will have no problems recommending us to other potential customers.