Coil Mapping

Coil Mapping

Coil Mapping™ is the only remote defect tracking system available in the thickness gauging market. Coil Mapping™ allows the establishment of up to 25 different defect types. As your inspectors spot coil defects, they simply press buttons to start and stop the footage count for each respective defect. The AGT400 is already measuring linear footage via the tachometer/encoder, so the system knows the exact beginning and ending location for each defect. Each coil can be broken down into five cross-sheet ‘zones’. As the inspector logs each defect into the handheld data entry terminal he can easily enter the zone of each defect as well. For lines with two-sided inspection capability, we offer a system with two handheld units, and the AGT400 keeps track of which defects occur on the top versus the bottom of each coil. A second page of our Coil Report is printed clearly showing each defect name, side (top or bottom), zone (1 through 5), and corresponding beginning and ending footages.


Using a remote handheld unit, an inspector will enter defects as they pass by…


…which will then be logged into the AGT400 Thickness Gauge Defect Menu.

AGT400 Coil Mapping™ includes one or
two handheld industrial data entry terminal(s) and can easily be added to any existing AGT400 Thickness Gauge.

*Note: Coil Mapping™ can easily be added to any existing
AGT400 Thickness Gauge, but is not compatible with other
brands of thickness gauges.